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Innovation Incubation Centre
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About Us

The Innovation Incubation Centre (IIC) aspires to accelerate the growth of technopreneurs in the renewable energy, ICT, biotech and engineering industries to grow from ideation to commercialisation via provision of intervention programmes in critical areas.

Our Objectives

  • To incubate and nurture knowledge-based enterprises by providing expertise and support in technical & business skills.
  • To provide handholding services which include comprehensive coaching, mentoring, consultancy & training to enhance technopreneurship.
  • To facilitate technopreneurs for better access to funding.
  • To facilitate Research & Development, Innovation and Commercialisation activities by providing advanced infrastructure, equipment and facilities.
  • To facilitate government & private sector smart partnerships in technology development & commercialisation of research results.
  • To provide a platform for the establishment of strategic business, and market linkages for the incubates/technopreneurs with MNC's, GLC's, research institutes, academia, financial community and industry, locally and globally.

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