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Senarai Projek Dana Sains MOSTI yang Dipantau oleh TPM

Bil. Kod Projek Tajuk Projek Ketua Projek Institusi
1 03-01-05-SF0001 Development of A New Material fo Municipal Solid Waste Laechate Treatment- Case Study at Pulau Burung Landfill Assoc. Prof. Hamidi bin Abdul Aziz @ Abdul Rahman USM
2 03-01-05-SF0016 The production of Thermoplastic-Kenaf Composites with Enhanced Mechanical Property through Incorpration of nanofiller Prof. Rozman Hj. Din USM
3 03-01-05-SF0021 Automated Methods for the determination of
Palm Oil Quality Parameters
Prof. Bahruddin bin Saad USM
4 03-01-05-SF0024 Reinforcement of natural Rubber Latex Films
By Soya proteins
Assoc. Prof. Baharin bin Azahari USM
5 03-01-05-SF0040 Silica From Rice Husk By Solvent Extraction-Transition Metal Modification And Mechanism Investigation As A Hetergeneous Catalyst for Organic Reactions Dr. Farook Adam USM
6 03-01-05-SF0042 Synthesis nad Characterization of Novel Electroluminescent Transition Metal Complexes as active Light Emitter Materials in Electronics Display devices Prof. Teoh Siang Guan USM
7 03-01-05-SF0046 Studies on freezing point Depression of Palm Oil By using Natural Blendersfor the Enhancement of its Market Acceptability Dr. Anees Ahmad USM
8 03-01-05-SF0050 Ni-Sno2 Nanoparticles : Synthesis, Characterization, Hydrogenation Activity on Alkenes and Theoretical Study Dr. Rohana Adnan USM
9 03-01-05-SF0056 Physical, mechanical and Thermal Fundamental Studies of Main Commodity Plant Wastes Fibres Assoc. Prof. Abdul Khalil bin H.P Shawkataly USM
10 03-01-05-SF0059 Separation and Characterization of Vanillin from
Soda Lignin Extracted From Black Liquor of Oil Palm EmptyFruit Bunch
PM. Mohamad Nasir bin Mohamad Ibrahim USM
11 03-01-05-SF0062 Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Symmentry nad Non-Symmwetry liquid Crystals (Lcs) with Gerroelectric and antiferroelectroric Properties for LCD Prof. Yeap Guan Yeow USM
12 03-01-05-SF0074 Supercritical carbon Dioxide Extraction and Regenaration of Spent Bleaching Clays Prof. Mohd. Omar Ab. Kadir USM
13 03-01-05-SF0079 Development of Semiconducrtor Based Photocatalytic Gas Sensor For Detection of Hazardious Volatile Organic Compound (Vocs) Dr. Mohamad Zailani Abu Bakar USM
14 03-01-05-SF0082 Study of Characteristics of Various Types of Adhesives for The Development of Oil Palm Venner
As Lamination Products
Assoc. Prof. Othman Sulaiman USM
15 03-01-05-SF0083 The production of high Quality Pulps and Papers by Using Environmentally Comopatible Chlorine-Free Bleaching sequences Dr. Leh Cheu Peng USM
16 03-01-05-SF0088 Development of Silicon Dioxide (Sio2) Gate On Single-Crystal Silicon Carbide (Sic)- Based Switching Device for high-power and high-temperature applications Ir. Dr.Cheong Kuan Yew USM
17 03-01-05-SF0090 Development of efficient Nonlinear Model-Based Control Strategy For Batch Reactors: a Case Study on Esterification of Citronelly Laurate via Immobilized Lipase Dr. Norashid bin Aziz USM
18 03-01-05-SF0091 Production of Precipated Calcium Carbonate (Pcc) With Variopus Morphology And Characteristic Using Local Limestone-Based Materials via Continuous Production Technique Dr. Norlia Baharun USM
19 03-01-05-SF0092 Development of  An Automatic Real-Time Intelligent Aggregate Classification System Based on Image Processing and Neural Networks Dr. Nor Ashidi Mat Isa USM
20 03-01-05-SF0094 Ti-Al Alloys Development : Effect of Alloying  Element And Surface Treatment On The High- Temperature Oxidation Behavior Dr. Nurulakmal bt Mohd Sharif USM
21 03-01-05-SF0096 Development  of Natural Rubber Foam and Characterisation Of its Structure-Properties Relationship For Sound Proffing and Shock
Absorbing Applications
Dr. Zulkifli bin Mohamad Ariff USM
22 03-01-05-SF0099 A Study On The Use Of Dissolved Air Floatation Process For The Treatment of Leachate From
Landfill Site
Assoc. Prof. Mohd Nordin bin Adian USM
23 03-01-05-SF0101 The Development of a Composites Adsorption/Membrane Unit For Separation Of Impuruites in Gases Using Hydrotalcities Dr. Mohd Roslee bin Othman USM
24 03-01-05-SF0111 Design And Development Of A Computerised Integrated Manufacturing Palnning System On the Basis of Machine Factor For the Semiconductor Industries Dr. Shahrul Kamaruddin USM
25 03-01-05SF-0117 Investigation on The SuitabilityOf Biomass Component Of Cerbera Odoliam As Bio Preservatives For wood and Wood Based Composites Assoc. Prof. Rokiah Hashim USM
26 03-01-05-SF0118 Development Of Integrated CAD/CAM System For Cold Forging Die Design Process Ahmad Baharuddin bin Abdullah USM
27 03-01-05-SF0121 Development of An Automatic Variable Focus Fluid Lens System Assoc. Prof. Mani Maran Ratnam USM
28 03-01-05-SF0125 Synthesis Of Carbon Nanotubes Over Novel Carbon Supported Metal Catalysts Prof. Abdul Rahman bin Mahamed USM
29 03-01-05-SF0126 Synthesis, Characterization, And Testing Of Manganese Oxide/Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposites As Supercapacitor Materials Dr. Sharif Hussein Sharif Zein USM
30 03-01-05-SF0128 The Development of Tilt Measuring Device Using Mems Accelerometer Assoc. Prof. Ishak Haji Abdul Azid USM
31 03-01-05-SF0130 Formation Of Crosslinked Polyolefins Foam By Using Waste Polymer An Agricultural Waste Dr. Coswald Stephen Sipaut @ Mohd Nasri USM
32 03-01-05-SF0131 Development of Multiple Input Multiple Output(Mimo) Wireless Testbed Dr. Mohd Fadzil bin Ain USM
33 03-01-05-SF0133 Synthesis and Development Of Indigenous Nitrocelluulose Membrance For Medical Biotechnology Application Prof. Abdul Latiff bin Ahmad USM
34 03-01-05-SF0134 Development of A Portable Generic Intelligent System For Fliow Measurement  Using Electrical Capacitance Tomography Sensor Dr. Junita binti Mohamad Saleh USM
35 03-01-05SF0135 Development of Hydroxyapatite Filled Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) Dental Materials with High Mechanical Performance, Enhanced Environment Stability and Radio Opacity Behavior Dr. Chow Wen Shyang USM
36 03-01-05-SF0136 Development of Catalytic Zeolite Membrane for Simultaneous Conversion and Separation of Para-Xylene from Xylene Isomers Prof. Subhash Bhatia USM
37 03-01-05-SF0137 Utilization of Recycled Materials for the Production of Wood-Plastic Composites Intended for Outdoor Applications Dr. Razaina Mat Taib USM
38 03-01-05-SF0138 Production of Biodiesel Fuel from Palm Oil via Non-Catalytic Supercritical Alcohol Transesterification Dr. Lee Keat Teong USM
39 03-01-05-SF0140 Utilization of Paper Sludge as Filter in Thermoplastic Elastomer Composites (Tpec) Prof. Hanafi Ismail USM
40 03-01-05-SF0141 Structural Investigation of Molecular-Based Opto-Electronic Materials from Porphyrin Chromophores Prof. Dr. Fun Hoong Kun USM
41 03-01-05-SF0143 Development and Utilization of Mango Peel and Pulp as a New Generation Innovative Ingredients in Bakery Products Assoc. Prof. Noor Aziah Binti Abdul Aziz USM
42 03-01-05-SF0148 Impact Study of Renewable Energy (Re) and Energy Efficiency (Ee) in Secondary Schools Dr. Hashimah Mohd. Yunus USM
43 03-01-05-SF0152 Development of a Nanoparticle Based- Electrochemical Biosensor System for the Detection of Vancomycin Resistance Enterococci (Vre) Assoc. Prof. Manickam Ravichandran USM
44 03-01-05-SF0161 Development of Ultrasonic-Assisted Solid Base Catalyzed Process for the Production of High Quality Monoglycerides through Transesterification of Glycero0l and Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Dr. Ahmad Zuhairi bin Abdullah USM
45 03-01-05-SF0162 Enhancing Small Medium Industries (Smi) Agenda on Energy Efficiency (Ee) and Renewable Energy (Re) Assoc. Prof. Mohammed Zin bin Nordin USM
46 03-01-05-SF0176 A Study on the Biological Efficacy of Synthethic Bone Scaffold Enhanced with Plasma Rich Growth Factors in Vitro and in Vivo Prof. Ab Rani bin Samsudin USM
47 03-01-05-SF0197 Development of High Performance Composite Materials from Semi Amorphous Hybrid Minerals Fillers from Local Resources for Automotive Industry Samayamutthirian @ Thilagan Palaniandy USM
48 03-01-05-SF0270 High Efficiency Multispectrum Solar Cell. Kamarulazizi Ibrahim USM
49 03-01-12-SF0024 The Development of Compact Pem Electrolyzer Unit for Renewable Hydrogen Production Mohd Zamri Ibrahim UMT
50 03-01-16-SF0002 Experimental Rig Design for Production of Biodiesel from Jatropha Oil Dr. Badrulhisham Abdul Aziz UMP
51 03-01-16-SF0003 Development of Superior Grade Gaharu Extract Via Enzymatic Intensification Steam Distillation Process Rosli bin Mohd Yunus UMP
52 03-02-11-SF0001 Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Squeeze Cast A356 Al-Si Alloy Inoculated with Tic Lim Ying Pio UTAR
53 03-02-11-SF0002 Investigating the Potential of Harnessing Ocean Energy in Malaysiafor Electricity Generation using Simulation Approach Lim Yun Seng UTAR
54 03-02-11-SF0004 Investigation of Silicon Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Structural and Properties Characterisations The Geok Bee UTAR
55 03-03-02-SF0003 Development of Low Thermal Expansion Glaze for Anorthite Ceramic Doll Said bin Ngah SIRIM
56 03-03-02-SF0004 Development of Stainless Steel 316I Parts using Powder Injection Molding Technique for Orthopeadic and Orthodontic Application Dr. Rosdi bin Ibrahim SIRIM
57 03-03-02-SF0007 Enhancing the Properties of Epoxidised Natural Rubber Based Polymer Electrolytes for Electrochemical Device Applications Dr. Razali Idris SIRIM
58 03-03-02-SF0010 Development of Porous Carbonated Apatite for Possible Biomedical Purposes Fadzil Ayad Zakaria SIRIM
59 03-03-02-SF0014 Development and Fabrication of Apatite-Coated Metallic Implants for Fracture Fixation and Orthopedic and Maxillofacial Applications Dr. Mohd Afian bin Omar SIRIM
60 03-03-02-SF0015 Development of Nano Structured Lithium Manganese Based Cathode Materials for High Power Energy Storage and Devices Dr. Mohd Ali Sulaiman SIRIM
61 03-03-02-SF0016 Development of Sintered Harmetal Alloy from Sub-Micron Powder Particle for Mechanical Seal and Wear Resistant Application Through Powder Metallurgy Routes Mohd Asri bin Selamat SIRIM
62 03-03-02-SF0021 Development of Ceramic Based Artificial Coral Material for Application as Fish Aggregating Device (Fad) Saidin bin Karim SIRIM
63 03-03-02-SF0025 Development of Techniques for Design and Fabrication of Patient Specific Medical Implants using Cad/Cam Victor Devadass SIRIM
64 03-03-02-SF0026 Development of Nanoceramic Photocatalyst for Reduction of BOD From Palm Oil Mill Effluent Teng Wan Dung SIRIM
65 03-03-02-SF0027 Techniques for Design and Development of Products Related to Craniofacial (Head) for Malaysian Population Dr. Wan Abdul Rahman Jauhari bin Wan Harun SIRIM
66 03-03-02-SF0039 Synthesis and Development of Novel Nanomaterials for Enhancement of Photocatalyc Activity for Destruction of Organic and Inorganic Toxic Contaminants in Air Abdul Kadir bin Masrom SIRIM
67 03-03-02-SF0040 Development of Metal Injection Moulding (Mim) Feedstock Formulation using Palm Stearin Based Biopolymers Binder for High Performance Applications Dr. Mohd Afian bin Omar SIRIM
68 03-03-02-SF0042 Developing an Imaging Spectrometer Technique for Investigating Reversible Photodimerization of Optically Active Photochromic DApproved Nik Mohd Azmi bin Nik Abdul Aziz SIRIM
69 03-03-02-SF0043 Development of Novel Single Layer Polyethlyne Barrier Film Using Nanoclay Impregnation Rahmad bin Abd Shukor SIRIM
70 03-03-02-SF0046 Development of High Performance Anisotropic Ndfeb Magnet By Die-Upset Forging Dr. Mat Husin bin Saleh SIRIM
71 03-03-02-SF0047 Design and Fabrication of Step Index Plastic Optical Fiber (Si_Pof) Preform using Co-Extrusion Technique for Optical Applications Ahmad Zaki bin Haji Shaari SIRIM
72 03-03-02-SF0050 Formulation and Development of Modified Phenolic Resin with Polyvinyl Butyral for High Impact Composite Applications Ismarul Nizam B. Ismail SIRIM
73 03-03-02-SF0053 Development of Natural Rubber-Based Protonic Membrane for Fuel Cell Technology and the Fuel Cell Utilized the Membrane Wan Siti Noor binti Wan Abdul Halim SIRIM
74 03-03-02-SF0059 Fabrication of Thin Microporous Layer by Electrophoretic Deposition (Epd) for Gas Separation Membrane Rafindde bin Ramli SIRIM
75 03-03-12-SF0006 Development of Smart Automotive Mounting System Asyraf bin Ismail LGM
76 03-03-12-SF0013 Computer Aided Engineering Design of Rubber Components Shamsul bin Kamaruddin LGM
77 03-03-12-SF0014 Rubber/Clay Nanocomposites for Inproved Product Lifetime Dr. Md Aris bin Ahmad LGM
78 03-03-12-SF0015 Optimization Of Chemical Dispersions For Latex Product Formulary Studies Manroshan Singh s/o Jaswan Singh LGM
79 03-03-12-SF0021 Environmentally Friendly and Nitrosamine-Free Latex Preservative System Vivayganathan a/l K.Kathireson LGM
80 03-03-12-SF0023 Minimizing Chemical Hazards, Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity Of Rubber Chemicals An Natural Rubber Latex Products Dr. Mok Kok Lang LGM
81 03-03-13-SF0020 Development of Sucrose-Free Chocolate Using Polyols Hii Ching Lik/ wan Aidah binti Wan Ibrahim LKM
82 03-01-02-SF0329 Development Of A Stand-Alone Solar Powered Regenerative Proton Exchange Membrane (Pem) Electrolyzer -Fuel Cell System Kamaruzzaman Sopian UKM
83 03-01-02-SF0358 Fabrication Of Improved White Organic Light Emitting Diode For Flat Panel Display Muhamad bin Mat Salleh UKM
84 03-01-02-SF0385 Development Of Nanostructured Zns/Cis Films For Advanced Solar Cell Application Huda binti Abdullah UKM
85 03-01-03-SF0306 Design, Fabrication And Test Of An Efficient Turbine Blade For Oscillating Water Column Devices. Norhafizan bin Ahmad UM
86 03-01-01-SF0159 Tubular Heat Exchanger Design: Heat Transfer Performance Enhancement Toward Process Intensification Dzulkifli Osman UiTM
87 03-01-15-SF0064 Development Of A New Palm Oil And Agro-Filler Based Industrial Wax Product For Engineering Applications. Bhuvenesh Rajamony UniMAP
88 03-03-02-SF0064 Development Of Antimicrobial Coating Of Silver Nanoparticle On Fiber By Assisted Ionically Self-Assembled Layer (Isa) Abdul Kadir bin Masrom SIRIM
89 03-03-02-SF0065 Development Of Potent Antimicrobial Silver-Titania Composite Coatings By Plasma Spraying Siti mariam Mohamad SIRIM
90 03-01-04-SF0769 Development of efficient combined microwave and ultrasonic processing system for the production of biofuels from palm oil, coconut oil and waste vegetable oil Kaida Khalid UPM
91 03-01-06-SF0374 Developing An Implementation Model For The Development Of Biotechnology Entrepreneurship In Malaysia MOHD HASSAN BIN MOHD. OSMAN UTM
92 03-01-10-SF0048 Transesterification of palm oil to methyl ester at low temperature: An investigation into mass-transfer-controlled regime Chu Chi Ming UMS
93 03-01-10-SF0084 Encapsulation Of Liquid Herbal Extract For Drying In A Packed Bed System Rachel F. Mansa UMS

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