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Jadual: Senarai Projek Dana Sains yang Terpilih untuk Sesi Bengkel Pengkomersialan 25 Ogos 2009

Non ICT Project

Bil. Projek Ketua Projek Organisasi
1 Development of rechargeable zinc-air batteries employing gelled electrolyte Raihan Othman UIA
2 Development of Hydroxyapatite Filled Poly(methyl methacrylate) Dental Materials with High Mechanical Performance, Enhanced Environmental Stability and Radio Opacity Behavior Chow Wen Shyang USM
3 Development of Natural Rubber Foam and Characterisation of Its Structure-Properties Relationshipfor Sound Proofing and Shock Absorbing Applications Zulkifli Mohamad Ariff USM
4 Development of Bio-Ethanol from Wood Waste and Oil
Palm Lignocellulosic Materials Use as Engine's Fuel
H'ng Paik San UPM
5 High Power Converter for the Realization of FACTS Controllers Saad Mekhilef UM
6 Green Envelope and Breathing Construction Materials Khairiah Badri UKM
7 Development of Palm Oil Based Dental Polymers Noor Hayati Abu Kassim UM

ICT Project

Bil. Projek Ketua Projek Organisasi
1 Real-Time' Tracking System for People, Assets and Fleet Muhammad Zaffrol Zainudin UNIKL
2 Open Source Operating System Live USB Drive Syaifulnizam bin Abd Manaf UNIKL
3 Kg-Force Hand Grip System Shah Rizaili Mukhta UNIKL
4 DVTRS: Delineation and 3D Visualization of Tumor and Risk Structures Mandava USM
5 Presentation Toolkit Mohd Azam Osman USM
6 WhiteSteg Por Lip Yee UM

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