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Technology Park Malaysia College Sdn Bhd (TPMB) is a subsidiary of Technology Park Malaysia, a corporation set up to propel Malaysia into the age of technology. Technology Park Malaysia is one of the world's most advanced and comprehensive centres for research and development in knowledge-based industries.

Registered with the
Ministry of Higher Education, TPM College (Reg. No. W4PW007) is among the first tertiary institutions in the country that support the Malaysian government's move towards increasing the number of qualified and professional technopreneurs in the country.

TPM College is committed to be in tune with the country's growth and development in advanced technology. At present TPM College is focusing on life sciences and engineering related programs to develop human capital in line with government aspirations towards Vision 2020.

TPM College was officially launched on 24th April 2003 by YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, Malaysia's fifth Prime Minister. Although the institution is very young, it has the confidence to gradually develop to be among the best tertiary institutions in the country. To consolidate this, TPM College is collaborating with a number of renowned international universities to offer high quality degree programmes.

Designed to provide first class infrastructure for quality education, TPM College is located within beautifully landscaped grounds that house 12 state-of-the-art buildings specifically constructed with specific functions to provide condusive learning environment. Student learning experience is enriched and assisted by the availability of outstanding Science and IT Laboratories, Engineering workshops, Student Union building and other support facilities.

Apart from ensuring quality education, the collaboration also further realises the objectives of its establishment which are :

  • To promote opportunities for sharing of educational expertise
  • To promote development of an international perspective in the College classrooms
  • To provide support services and development opportunities in the field of learning
  • To provide international education resources to itself and other colleges in Malaysia
  • To form liaisons with institutions involved in international education activities

Currently, there are four (4) schools at TPM College:

  • School of Life Sciences
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Business
  • School of Languages and Communication

TPM College offers diploma and degree programmes, including twinning degree programmes (2+2) with prestigious universities in the United States and ongoing collaborations with universities in Australia.

For more info, visit TPM College website: tpmcollege.edu.my

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