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Introduction to Symbiosis

SYMBIOSIS is a premier publication by Technology Park Malaysia Corporation, published thice a year. Our magazine was conceived as a means to publicize Malaysian research and development (R&D), and as a way to give a voice to the views and opinions of the people involved. Each issue of SYMBIOSIS is divided into three parts:

  • Developments in S&T (Science and Technology), with an emphasis on developments in Malaysia.
  • The business angle - current policies, product commercialization, venture capital, and so on.
  • TPM related news.

Much of the material published by our magazine are sourced from the very people conducting the research, developing or commercializing the products, and setting the policies. Our articles and commentaries come from the front liners themselves, the men and women of Malaysian S&T. This is material that cannot be found anywhere else.


SYMBIOSIS has a focused readership - those who are interested in the field of science and technology. Our readers include business professionals, senior executives, decision makers, government officials and many others.

SYMBIOSIS is also directly circulated to our subscribers, goverment ministries, agencies and embassies. Additionally, SYMBIOSIS is also distributed to public and private institutions.

Opportunities at Symbiosis


We welcome contributions from our readers. Please contact us if you would like to contribute an article to the magazine at symbiosis[a]tpm.com.my. We will send you a copy of the contributors guidelines. Any submissions will be edited for language. If pictures are to be included, please ensure they are in digital format with a minimum resolution of 300dpi. Symbiosis does not currently monetarily compensate contributors.


Symbiosis is an excellent medium to reach a wide variety of people in Malaysian S&T. Our readership includes the public and private sector, including laboratories, manufacturers, and research stations. Contact us for further information at symbiosis[a]tpm.com.my.

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