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TPM-YIM Innovation Launch 2014

KANGAR, PERLIS, MAY 23 -- Seven new innovations developed by six grassroots individuals from Perlis were successfully commercialised today with assistance from Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd (TPM) and Yayasan Innovasi Malaysia (YIM).

These latest innovations were successfully developed through a six-month research and development (R&D) programme between the innovators and their collaborator, YIM. TPM Engineering Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TPM, has been appointed by YIM to undertake the manufacturing of the prototypes and commercialised products. 

The innovations were jointly unveiled by TPM and YIM in conjunction with the MOSTI Commercialisation Year 2014 (MCY 2014) initiative at a handing over ceremony of the E-Chair and “Tanjak” to the Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Staff Caring Home at Jayapura.

The idea of the E-Chair and “Tanjak” was conceived by Noorhisham Bin Kawardin, an employee of the Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Staff Caring Home.

The E-Chair is an “adjustable wheel chair” in terms of seat height and back part of the stand. It is user-friendly and offers simplified user activities. Meanwhile, the “Tanjak” acts as a ramp to move the wheel chair to a higher place. It is mobile and can be carried in the boot of the car.

At an earlier event this morning, TPM and YIM presented the stainless steel cage to facilitate and accelerate the process of slaughtering of cattle in accordance with Islamic rites to the Masjid Sg. Batu Pahat. The development idea was inspired by Hamizan Hashim is portable and uses a hydraulic system.

According to TPM CEO and President, Dato’ Hj. Azman Shahidin, the ideation of these innovations was perceived at grassroots level by the local Perlis residents and bodes well for the encouragement and building of more entrepreneurs and technopreneurs in the State.

“TPM and YIM have been mandated by the Government to assist in the development and growth of grassroots innovations to assist the people in commercialising their ideas in the industry cluster of advanced engineering, ICT, biotechnology and life sciences and green technology. 

“We strongly believe that our contributions in assisting grassroots level will bring about greater economic transformation and benefits to the ordinary people to improve their standard of living and societal well-being,” added Azman. 

Among the other innovations created by the Perlis innovators that were commercialised were:

Ø  The stainless steel Angel Hook will be used in hospitals to suspend “drip bottles” to be hung on a curtain rail. The Hook enables three drip bottles to be hung at a time and prevents patients from moving out of the hospital with the drip stand. It was developed by Pn. Rusmira Ramli of Tuanku Fauziah Hospital. 

Ø  “Kubota” transportation system for ploughing machinery was developed by Ibni Saiful Soon Phong Abdullah where it can be installed on the back of a motorcycle to transport or move the ploughing machinery. This innovative idea offers valuable benefits to workshop operators and rice farmers. 

Ø  Machinery for innovation-based handicraft straws developed by Che Som bin Othman. It provides a press machine to simplify and accelerate the process of compressing straw-based paper sheets. It is fitted with a machine dryer to speed the drying process of the paper pieces.

Ø  Tools for innovation-based handicraft newspapers which provide a set of work bench and paper cutter for production-based innovation newspaper roll-up. It is able to simplify the production process and increase productivity of products.

Technology Park Malaysia Sdn Bhd, an agency of MOSTI, has an integrated infrastructure, facilities and support services to assist technopreneurs and entrepreneurs who are keen to commercialize their ideas in the four industry clusters, namely, ICT, Engineering, Biotechnology and Green Technology.

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Date: May 23, 2014
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