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Muhazrin To Expand Its Export Base To Korea And The Middle East

KUANTAN, PAHANG, MARCH 22 – Muhazrin Holdings Sdn Bhd, the manufacturer of Malay Ethnic Food products and Single Ingredient Malaysian Spice Herb Purees, is set to expand its export base by penetrating the Korean, Japanese and the Middle East markets following successful negotiations recently.

Its managing director, Puan Asmah Abdullah, said with the entry into the Korean and Middle Eastern markets, it would be a major boost for her company to triple the current sales volume of its product range marketed under the VIAS brand.

Currently, Muhazrin’s range of VIAS brand food products comprising Malay Ethnic Food and Single Ingredient Premium Malaysian Spice Herb Purees are exported to Australia, Brunei, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

On the domestic front, VIAS products are distributed by independent agents throughout Malaysia, direct distribution to customers and through appointed agents working with hypermarkets and grocery stores as well as online stores.

Asmah attributed Muhazrin’s successful penetration of the export markets to the strong support from the relevant agencies such as Technology Park Malaysia and MATRADE, as well as the company’s establishment of a strong networking in the international market through participations at overseas exhibitions. 

“We are confident that we can easily achieve our export target, which is anticipated to contribute about 70 per cent to our annual turnover. With the addition of the Korean and the Middle Eastern markets, we expect to triple the value of our current export revenue”.

“Although we started the Malay ethnic food product range in 2010 with two products – Tempoyak Chilli and Ikan Perkasam – and 10 Varieties of Single Ingredient Herb Purees in early 2011, I am glad that we have managed to widened our market potential not only locally, but also internationally within the short span of three years.

“We started exporting since mid-2011 when we received our first order from the United Kingdom for the herb purees products. By participating at international exhibitions, we were able to better understand the market needs, international food safety and health requirements, market trends and necessary guidelines in compliance with international requirements,” she added.

The home-grown VIAS brand product range of Malay Ethnic Food and Premium Spice Herb Purees are targeted at niche segments in the international and local food service industry and retail gourmet segmented market for package food/ingredients for all natural products.          

Its ingredients comprised special Malaysian crops and herbs that offer customer the benefits of multipurpose usage, special formulation, and convenience packaging. VIAS adopts a healthy approach to the industry by providing products with all natural, non-artificial flavoring and coloring, and non-chemical preservatives. Its product formulation and process are compliant to most international standard requirements.  

Asmah explained that since receiving the first export order from the United Kingdom for Herbs Purees products, Muhazrin has been in collaboration with TPM Biotech Sdn Bhd to produce its VIAS products at its manufacturing plan in Raub, Pahang.

“I am very satisfied with the facilities and services of TPM Biotech which are up to the international standard. Capitalising on TPM Biotech’s R&D facilities, we have been able to minimize our cost and maximize our output to produce the best products. This suits our budget well as we were operating on limited operational funds”.

“Mostly the costs incurred with TPM biotech Sdn Bhd are for product formulations, testing and certifications needed to enter the market and the cost of adjusting the packaging and labeling. It has enabled us to produce quality products using the latest technology in halal food processing and packaging. Furthermore, their staff members are highly professional, helpful and friendly,” added Asmah.

Although the industry is highly competitive locally and also internationally, Muhazrin’s main focus is on promoting special Malaysian grown ingredient herbs, processed Malay ethnic food and also the Malaysian brand.

Spices, ingredients and processed food industry in Malaysia alone enjoys more than six per cent growth and is still considered a very lucrative industry estimated to be worth more than RM3 billion annually.

Going forward, Asmah said Muhazrin’s future plan is to have their own organic farms and grow the company to the next level to become a RM100 million revenues company, with a strong workforce and to continue offering good service and products to its customers.

In November 2012, Muhazrin was qualified and chosen by MATRADE to participate in Women Exporters Development Program, with the aim to encourage women owned companies to increase their export activities and sales. This program will run until 2015.

TPM Biotech facility is also a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) status facility. The GMP was accorded to TPM Biotech by the Ministry of Health’s National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau in 2006.

It has earned internationally recognized accreditations with ISO9001:2008 and IEC 17025 certifications as well as being approved halal by JAKIM. In addition, its functional food processing area is a HACCP accredited facility. All these accreditations, certifications and large commercial production capacity make TPM Biotech as the preferred choice for entrepreneur products and services.

TPM Biotech is a subsidiary of Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd, an agency under the purview of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Date: March 22, 2013
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