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TPM Biotek Shares Halal Technology Insights With UITM Kelantan Students

KUALA LUMPUR, MARCH 21 – TPM Biotech Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd (TPM), has opened its doors to share valuable insights into the latest technology and practical experience on halal issues with participants from Universiti Teknologi MARA, Kelantan through the Halal Executive program conducted by Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC).

The specially tailored one-day halal technology programme conducted by TPM Biotech was attended by some 43 students.

Participants had the opportunity to better understand the concepts of adulteration of ingredients in halal food production; current methods of detection in halal food verification and the relevance and practicality of scientific analyses in verifying halal status of a product. TPM Biotech Analytical/Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratories meet the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2008 accreditation for chemical and nucleic acid tests.

TPM Biotech Chief Executive Officer, Ahmad Husni Johari, said the halal technology seminar would help broaden the knowledge of the students that the halal issue for food production is fast becoming an important concern not only from the Islamic perspective, but also applicable to a broad range of products and services worldwide.

“It is important for the aspiring life sciences entrepreneurs or bio-preneurs to fully understand and appreciate the concepts of the halal issues so that the integrity of its scientific analyses and research are not compromised.

“At TPM, we are proud to have the latest state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to professionally develop and scientifically conduct testing of products to ensure they meet the halal requirements in accordance with internationally recognized standards,” said Ahmad Husni.

Today, the halal certification requirements has spanned beyond Malaysia and the Muslim countries in the Middle East region. European nations such as Spain, France and Turkey have requested assistance from Malaysia on the concepts and method of development for analysis for most of their products and services.

Ahmad Husni said that globally, the halal business is a humongous economic pie worth billions of ringgit.

“Malaysia is among the key drivers and enablers to ensure its compliance to both Islamic and non-Islamic authorities to maintain the highest level of health standards, security and integrity of products and services.

“It is, therefore, pertinent for us to continuously upgrade our knowledge and technological innovations in this field to champion the halal cause which offers abundant opportunities for our future economic and social growth,” he added.   

Among the key topics covered at the executive programme include development in technology and scientific research in the determination of halal status of a product; scientific methods involving thorough inspection and analysis of physical appearance, chemical components or molecular elements present inside the consumer goods which are invisible and undistinguishable in standard vision; laboratory testing and halal analysis, including quality assurance and quality control.

Apart from the lecture, students were taken on a tour and provided with demonstrations of the sample handling, preparation and sample running and data interpretations at molecular biology and analytical biochemistry laboratories at TPM Biotech.     

TPM Biotech facility is also a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) status facility. The GMP was accorded to TPM Biotech by the Ministry of Health’s National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau in 2006.

It has earned internationally recognized accreditations with ISO9001:2008 and IEC 17025 certifications as well as being approved halal by JAKIM. In addition, its functional food processing area is a HACCP accredited facility. All these accreditations, certifications and large commercial production capacity make TPM Biotech as the preferred choice for entrepreneur products and services.

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Date: March 21, 2013
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