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Thinking Green Sees Bright Propects For Its

Green Innovations And Micro Architecture   
KUALA LUMPUR, MARCH 29, 2011 – Thinking Green Sdn Bhd, a new start-up company focusing on renewable energy development, designs and micro architecture, sees bright prospects for its innovative designs, services and products to be at the forefront of green technology development in the country by 2015.

Thinking Green, an incubatee at Technology Park Malaysia Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, has developed a variety of applications integrating green technology in the form of solar-powered energy utilizing environmental-friendly materials.

According to Thinking Green chief executive officer, Marwan Ma’som, the services and products offered by his company are for a highly niche market. Especially in micro architecture, or more popularly known as street furniture, there are no competitors in this market segment in Malaysia.

Marwan said since starting operations in last October, Thinking Green has developed six products that integrated solar technology into the designs to make them sufficient and stand alone.

The solar powered products are mobile street kiosks (V1 and V2), solar powered street light, bus stop, safety vest and eco sustainable public lavatory.

Working in collaboration with TPM Engineering Sdn Bhd for the production of the solar-powered mobile street kiosks, Thinking Green is expecting to roll-out its first unit next month.

The primary target customers for Thinking Green’s mobile kiosks are food and beverage sectors, retail industry, upscale street hawkers and other mobile service users. Costing RM35,000 each, the company is confident of securing orders for at least 10 units by the end of this year.

The mobile street kiosk (V1) was developed in mid-2007 by Dr. Azimin Samsul Tazilan, chief technology officer of Thinking Green who is also the partner of Marwan, while the prototype was built in 2009.    

Marwan added that his company has to date invested almost RM100,000 in research and development towards developing the innovative green technology products.

“We are hopeful our products will be acceptable in the market as the country and society becomes more conscious of the need to protect and preserve the environment. With the roll out of our first batch of mobile kiosks, we are confident that it will enable us to sustain our business and inspire us to work harder towards achieving our long term goals,” he said.

Highly excited about the future prospects of the company’s innovative designs and products, Marwan said they have received enquiries from overseas markets following their participation at the green technology exhibition in Kuala Lumpur last year.      

The key export markets targeted by Thinking Green with strong potential are Australia, the Middle East and Singapore.

The 25-year-old technopreneur Marwan is an aeronautical engineer and qualified pilot as well as a strong advocate of environmental conservation.
Apart from constantly developing new products, Thinking Green is also planning to diversify into engineering for the production of small scale solar panels.
Among the Thinking Green products set for commercialization are its second generation solar powered kiosk known as Greenomad V2; the Pancaseri solar powered street light; the Greenstop bus stop; the Eco Sustainable lavatory that is powered by solar energy; and the safety vest incorporating flexible solar panels utilizing solar energy to power a set of LED lights.

Prototypes of the Greenomad V1, Pancaseri are in operation at the Solar Park near UKM Bangi, while the Eco Sustainable Lavatory is operating at Bukit Malut, Langkawi as part of the Langkawi National Observatory @ ANGKASA.

Thinking Green provides green design consultancy for clients interested in innovative, new, green technology products. It also offers solar energy consultancy and works closely with the Solar Energy Research Institute at UKM.

For more information about Thinking Green’s services and products, kindly contact En. Marwan Ma’som at tel. no: 03 – 8992 3092 or mobile: 019 – 2222 710 or email: marwan.thinkgreen@gmail.com

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Date: March 29, 2011
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