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TPM will enhance its role as a provider of advanced infrastructure with the provision of expert and specialist support services that are designed to catalyse the development of knowledge based economy. Processes and initiatives will be developed to continuously energise and nurture knowledge based enterprises, facilitate research & development, innovation and commercialization while encouraging and facilitating smart partnerships between the public and private sectors, and establish strategic business and technology linkages between the research institutions, academia, financial community and industry both in the domestic and international realm.

A strong foundation of results producing initiatives is instrumental in providing a strong launch pad from which this transformation of TPM will take place. TPM is now into its 4th Generation Incubation Model which has seen it grow from a space leasor and facilities provider capacity to include the provision of specialised and advisory in its comprehensive and integrated technopreneurship programme.

Rental of incubator premises for scientists, researchers, technopreneurs and SMEs and lease of land parcels for technology knowledge-based companies.

Technology and business incubation programs by offering business mentoring and coaching services, business, marketing & financial consultancy services, technology & business forums, workshops and business matchings to researchers, scientists, technopreneurs and SMEs.

Technology commercialisation by offering advisory and consultancy services in technology transfer facilitation, project management, strategic management advice, market research and opportunity analysis and professional development programs.

Product development, contract research, laboratory services, contract manufacturing & commercialisation of neutraceutical and biopharmaceutical products through TPM Biotech Sdn Bhd.

Engineering design and solution, CNC machining, rapid prototyping and contract manufacturing services for the SMEs through TPM Engineering Sdn Bhd.

Provision of broadband services, data centre, project management & consultancy services for ICT entrepreneurs through TPM IT Sdn Bhd.

Provide tertiary education and specialised skilled training programs through TPM College Sdn Bhd to supplemant and complement the national requirement for human capital development.

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